Getting Back to Nature

Mount Evans

Hello again, my blog. I apologize for not using you for nearly a year. That was cruel and unkind of me, and I shouldn’t have left you there with a terrifying, large picture of my hairy arm. I offer you Echo Lake, on the way to Mount Evans, by way of making my amends.

I made a decision that’s been weighing on my mind lately, or at least for the past few weeks. I deactivated my Facebook account. I know that’s a gasping, massive shock to people (or at least some people). It’s not that big a deal. I’ll miss out on some good stuff, but I’m probably happier missing out on the less than good stuff. Along with the echo chamber effect. Echo chamber. Echo Lake. Hah. That was unintentional, but I’ll probably use that.

The thing is that I think a lot. And I think out loud a lot. And I think a lot of things that people like to argue about. I’m an arguer, no doubt. It’s genetic, look at my dad! Love you, Dad. We love debating things. The recent political environment, the realtime response, the…everything of Facebook has just kind of burned out my debate processor. Part of that is my own fault. Like I said, I love it. But when it’s my friends devouring themselves, each other, and me in the process it’s just kind of become tired. There’s no longer any room for actual debate on merit. It’s hyperbole, fire and brimstone all day, all night, twenty-four hour news cycle style. I was spending too much time feeding it, acknowledging it, adding my two cents whether it was helpful or not, and now I’m tapping out. I’ve had enough.

It’s behavior that I’m trying to keep my kids from exhibiting. I can’t do that when I’m engaging in it myself. It trickles down, like voodoo economics. From my head to my mouth or fingers, into words, into the things that we just shouldn’t do. It’s uncouth, it’s unkind, and it’s unfair. And I’m out.

In this day and age, where I’m not going to post this on Facebook, I don’t particularly think this is going to get a lot of airtime or discussion, and that’s OK. It’ll autoshare to Twitter, like it does. And I’ll engage people there, or here…or I won’t. Because it’s OK not to. Mental aikido. I’m more concerned with getting out of peoples’ way and preventing them from hurting themselves further. This is a good place to do that.

Echo Lake. The surface is calm in places and moving in others. It will take effort to remain as clear as the lake, but I’m OK with that too.

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