Why I love my Pebble Time


For as long as I can remember I’ve always wanted That Watch. I don’t know if it came from old Dick Tracy comics when I was a kid (and let’s not discuss that movie) but it was always there. I wanted a thing in my wrist that offered more than just the time.

In high school I got a Timex Datalink as a birthday present. I think it was from a girlfriend. The goofy thing about it from a 2015 standpoint was how it communicated with my computer: I ran the sync software, and it would blank the screen, and I would hold the watch up as it fired a bunch of lines across the monitor. I used it all the way through sophomore year of college before LCDs made it useless.

The original, monochrome Pebble was my first real smartwatch. It was a Christmas present from Aimee and I literally played with it for hours. I made my own watch face, uploaded it to the watch and I was off and running. It did everything I needed it to until I figured out the things it didn’t. Then I found apps for the watch that let it do that, like answer the phone without me needing to touch it, and setting it to speakerphone. The display was OK for what it was: a second screen for my phone that would last a week at a time.

Then a little while ago Pebble went back to Kickstarter to release the Pebble Time. I knew I had to have it. Color (64 colors, but still), a battery that lasts a week, and now I can dictate to the watch to reply to things? SOLD.

What does it do for me? The same as the old one: I can respond to texts, messages, emails…I can be reminded of appointments and glance ahead at my timeline simply by hitting the down button on the watch. When I go running, I can use it to track my runs, pause them and even skip my music tracks forward and backward.

They also added another awesome component called Smart Straps. They plug into the charging port on the bottom of the watch and allow for all sorts of nifty stuff, like heart rate monitoring or a laser pointer or anything you can think of. It’s inexpensive (about $200) and works with Android and iOS. I really don’t think I’d convert over to Android Wear. The Pebble does what I need, and lasts longer than anything else. What more can I ask for?

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