Supercharge Your Wife: Get Her an SSD

1280px-1968_AMX_blown_and_tubbed_eI know the top of every guy’s list is to keep the wife happy, right? Right. We’re all in agreement on that. So when I was told “My laptop is crappy and slow and you need to fix it” I I immediately started going down the usual list. Thing was, I couldn’t find a thing. Crapware? Not on it. Nor an abundance of cat videos or kid pictures. Nothing on the whole, but…man, it was slow. And then I realized what it was: I’ve been driving an SSD for so long (3 or 4 years now) that I forgot how chuggy and lousy an old spinning-platter drive can be.

My mind was made up. Time to get this puppy breathing again with an SSD. Of course, I had one problem: SSDs are kind of expensive on the per-megabyte level, and they can sometimes be a tossup performance-wise at the price level I’m going for. You see, at the $100 mark we kind of get into a manufacturer’s grey area: you can find good sized drives, but their actual speed may not be up to par compared to drives even just $50 higher.

Luckily the Amazon Prime Day debacle allowed me to get my hands on the Crucial MX100 256GB SSD for just $80. I was happy with that because even though there was a more recent model available, there wasn’t a whole lot differentiating the two. It even said that it came with Acronis True Image HD 2014, so I could image the old drive over to the new one pretty quickly. Unfortunately that wasn’t going to work according to plan.

Once the drive showed up, I had to wait a few days to get some time to poke around, and found out that the Acronis software was…pretty terrible. I popped online to figure out whether Staples or Best Buy had what I needed and sure enough, the Apricorn Upgrade Kit was exactly what I was looking for. It had USB3.0 support (my other SATA adapter was only USB2) and came with imaging software. Dead simple imaging software. As a matter of fact, once I ran the software from the included CD it recognized the new SSD, asked me what I wanted to bring over…and did. $25. Worth it.

After about 2 hours, the whole thing was transferred, and I flipped the laptop over, popped the feet off and unscrewed the cover. Pulled the old drive, put the new one in, cover back on and turn it over, hit the power button and 5 SECONDS LATER the login screen is up.

The thing is lightning fast, and Aimee’s happy. What more can I ask for?

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