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Real EstateThere are strangers in my house. They’re poking, pulling, prodding, pushing levers and turning knobs. Home inspection is here, and with that we’re moving house. I’ve had all sorts of feelings about this over the last two years.

We started trying to sell our house last May and it didn’t work. The time wasn’t right, the market wasn’t right, however you want to put it it just wasn’t our time. We went off the market around Christmas last year, did some more work on the house and then came back on with a new agent in May. Things were going okay but no real bites. We had an offer the day my brother got married, but it was $25,000 below our asking price so we never seriously considered it.

Fast forward to late August and Mikey wakes us up at 6AM with “Mommy, Daddy, there’s water coming out of the stove.” I couldn’t process much beyond “water” “stove” and “the stove doesn’t have a water pipe”. Aimee was down the steps and a few seconds later I followed. There was water in the kitchen. Everywhere. Flowing down through the floor and into the basement. The fill line for the fridge had snapped overnight at some point and it was spraying like a fountain against the wall. Backsplash, cabinets, everything, toast. But it was all fixed, and in November we went back on the market, and now we’re sold. And they’re inspecting.

And they’re under my feet and they’re laughing, and they were upstairs for a long time, and they probably weren’t standing, since they were up there so long, so they probably sat down. Sat down on my bed, get off of my bed, I don’t know if you did but in my mind you did. You probably looked in the boys’ room and thought ‘we’ll paint over those murals as soon as we’re in here’ and I’m just going to have to deal with that, even though I’d rather cut the drywall out and hang it in our new house, and I know that’s irrational and pictures will have to do, but still.

You’re still downstairs in my basement, and your dad said nice things about my house, but it’s been two hours and I’d like to go to the bathroom and get my night going, so pretty please, with sugar on top, be done with my house, stop what you’re doing and go. I have miles to go before I sleep on this deal, and I’ve reached the end of my mental rope today.

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