When T-Mobile Give You Lemons, Make Aionade

Aio Phone

Aio Phone

So I just switched Aimee and her Nexus 4 from T-Mobile prepaid at 70 a month to AT&T’s new Aio Wireless plan with unlimited talk/text and 2GB of high speed data for $55 a month, taxes included.

Microsim arrived in two days, number already on it. Ported within hours from Tmo, and after some APN jiggery-pokery got HSPA+ and things were moving.

Now after we switched from the Galaxy Nexus to the Nexus 4 Aimee had lost all MMS capability. It was a complete pain. I made several calls to Tmo support about it and they could never get it straight. I found Aio’s settings online and it was up in minutes.

I think Tmo may have lost a lease on a tower nearby because reception went south. We had been talking about changing to Straight Talk but I didn’t quite trust how bandwidth shaping there was going to work out. Reception with Aio, since they’re a wholl-owned AT&T MVNO, has been so far above T-Mobile it’s not even a comparison.

More reports to come, including whether Band 4 LTE is available in Philly…but so far we’re thrilled.

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