Social Interaction



So we’re here at the park and the boys are playing with a pair of kids about Mikey’s age. There’s a lot in common: they want to play pirates together and run around like asylum escapees.

Their moms, however…if I hear any more talk about how they only eat one kind of processed food anymore, or how their children must absolutely have more vitamin D…

And yeah, I’m aware that there’s some sort of ‘mom war’ online but just because a dad brings two kids to the park doesn’t make him a weirdo to glower at.

And also when your son decides he’s going to ostracize my younger son and then tell him to open his mouth in order to throw mulch in it…You’re lucky all I did was tell my kids it was time to go home.

“Daddy why was that kid mean to Joey?” – Mikey
“Because some kids are just jerks, bud. And your brother is more important than playing with jerks.”

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