A Short List of Reasons I Drink

Sierra Nevada Blindfold

Sierra Nevada Blindfold

If there’s one thing I’ve learned in my nearly six years of parenting, it’s that eventually you have to have a survival mechanism of some sort. An outlet, if you will. In this case, my most common outlet is drinking. Not heavily (at least not most of the time) and certainly almost never to excess, but enough to enjoy it.

I like beer. I like it a lot. I didn’t always like it, and as a matter of fact generally hated it my first year of college. I could probably blame that on being told “MGD is what I started on, you should too!”1 If knew then what I do now, beerwise…but that’s for a different time. Maybe.

So anyway, a short list of reasons I drink:

  • Work was stressful.
  • Work was easy!
  • It’s just before dinnertime.
  • Dinnertime’s over.
  • Time to put the kids to bed!
  • The kids are asleep.
  • The Rangers are on
  • The Giants are on2
  • The Mets. Sigh.
  • Yard work needs to be done
  • Yard work is being done
  • Yard work’s done!

OK, so it’s not exactly a short list. But it’s something, at least. A series of excuses, I suppose. It’ll suffice until the Rangers-Caps series starts. And then I’ll have something to drink about. Like the Rangers’ frequently incompetent power play. At least I can watch it on NBC Sports.

1. Protip: it’s not.
2. Or football’s on, but…

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